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Creating beautiful memories you'll never forget.

Memories with Madelyne is a small business located in Vancouver, British Columbia.


We specialize in Event Planning and Decorating. Whether you are celebrating your Wedding, Bridal Shower, Birthday Party, Baby Shower, Baptism, and/or private Events, Memories with Madelyne is glad to help assist you with your special day. 


Booking your Event with us provides you a beautiful celebration while staying within your budget. We love to create genuine connections with our clients in order to provide you the most unique and personal services.  Enjoy a fun, stress free and memorable experience you'll never forget! 

Handmade natural Soy Wax Candles are also available to share beautiful scented memorie into your home. Head over to our online shop!

Meet Madelyne


Photography by: Moments Media Inc.

A passion for planning and decorating has always been a dream of mine. I started MwM with passion and pride as I look back on the memories I've made with my loved ones.


In 2017, I decided to share my passion with the world. I simply embrace the relationships I have by making connecting through planned Events. Nothing excites me more than seeing others smile and having fun while celebrating these special moments I plan for my Clients. 

My candle making journey began in 2020 when I wanted to share memories into my Clients homes. At a young age, I always watching home renovations and interior designs. The idea of being able to share memories and create home products brought me to light. 


As we go through life, we look back at the memories we've made. People will always remember how they felt. I want people to experience these happy memories all over again and I take pride in being part of those memories so that I will be apart of them, wherever they may be.  

Let's create beautiful memories together.

Madelyne Ragasa
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